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 Agri Buzz: Pulses Acreage Up 21% But Slight Moderation In Broad Sowing Activity ...  31-Jul  18:28   |    Turmeric Plummets On Strong Stockiest Selling ...  31-Jul  17:00   |    Chinese News Continue to Affect Copper ...  31-Jul  16:50   |    Agri Buzz: National Agricultural Market ePlatform To Be Deployed Around 600 Mandies ...  31-Jul  16:28   |    Commodities Buzz: India Cuts Silver Tariff Value ...  31-Jul  16:18   |    Commodities Buzz: China Crude Steel Output Suffers First Decline in 20 Years ...  31-Jul  16:07   |     Spot Market Update: Castor seed Plummets On Stockiest Liquidation ...  31-Jul  16:29   |     Spot Market Update: Wheat Trades Around Previous Close ...  31-Jul  16:24   |     Spot Market Update: Turmeric Down On Stockiest Selling ...  31-Jul  16:19   |    Spot Market Update: Refined Oil Recovers On Bullish Global Cues ...  31-Jul  16:14   |    Spot Market Update: Mustard seed Swells On Limited Supplies ...  31-Jul  16:09   |     Spot Market Update: Chana Supported In Ready Markets On Shortage of Tur ...  31-Jul  16:4   |    Economic Buzz: Swiss National Bank Reports Massive Loss On Strength In Franc ...  31-Jul  15:39   |    Economic Buzz: Eurozone Unemployment Rate Lowest Since March 2012...  31-Jul  15:38   |    Economic Buzz: Eurozone Inflation Stable At 0.2% In July...  31-Jul  15:30   |    Commodities Buzz: Chinese Iron Ore Prices Show Signs of Bottoming Out ...  31-Jul  14:29   |    Chana, Turmeric, Soybeans Slide, Guargum Hammered More Than 5% ...  31-Jul  14:24   |    COMEX Gold Nears Five And Half Year Low, Buyers Vanish From The Scene ...  31-Jul  12:40   |    MCX Crude Slides Under Rs 3100, Bears Hold Near Term Advantage ...  31-Jul  12:27   |    Agri Buzz: Fertilizer Giant Trims Profit Expectations ...  31-Jul  11:57   |    Commodities Buzz: Vedanta Domestic Zinc Output Up 42% In Q1 FY 2016...  31-Jul  11:56   |    Commodities Buzz: UK Barley Harvest Outlook Upbeat ...  31-Jul  11:41   |    Agri Buzz: Malaysia Palm Oil Exports Down 6 Percent During July 2015...  31-Jul  11:37   |    Indian Rupee: Slips Lower; Breaches 64/$ ...  31-Jul  10:50   |    Commodities Buzz: Taigang Stainless Keeps Domestic Prices Unchanged ...  31-Jul  10:17   |    Energy Preview: MCX Crude Likely To See Continued Moderation ...  31-Jul  09:26   |    Agri Buzz : Global Soyabean Supply Rises On Strong Plantation...  31-Jul  09:20   |    Precious Metals Preview: COMEX Gold Struggling Around Five And Half Year Low...  31-Jul  09:19   |    Agri Buzz : IGC Predicts Record Global Production In 2015-16...  31-Jul  09:14   |    Brent crude surges...  31-Jul  09:11   |    Agri Commodities Preview: Comfortable International Supplies Could Weigh On Grain market ...  31-Jul  09:06   |    Base Metals Preview: Copper Slashed As Stimulus Expectations From China Fizzle...  31-Jul  08:52   |    Technical Comment For The Day: Crude Oil...  31-Jul  08:05   |    Technical Comment For The Day: Copper...  31-Jul  07:55   |    Technical Comment For The Day: Gold...  31-Jul  07:52
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Global Gold Demand Takes A 14% Tumble In June Quarter Says G...
Global physical gold demand was at its weakest since 2009, down 14% year-on-year...
Weekly Economic Wrap Up
India's outlook for a speedy economic recovery in the next six months does not l...
Gold Near Five Year Low As Selling Spree Extends
Heavy losses continued for gold as weak Chinese official gold holdings data and...
Weekly Economic Wrap Up
USThe Commerce Department showed significant increases in both US housing starts...
Global Economy
Swiss National Bank Reports Massive Loss On S...
The Swiss National Bank on Friday reported a loss...
Eurozone Unemployment Rate Lowest Since March...
Eurozone unemployment rate remained unchanged at 1...
Eurozone Inflation Stable At 0.2% In July
Eurozone inflation remained stable at 0.2 percent...
US GDP Rises 2.3% In Q2
US real gross domestic product increased at an ann...
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Agri Buzz: Pulses Acreage Up 21% But Slight Moderation In Broad Sowing Activity
The sowing activity has witnessed some moderation but the acreage is still up 8.65%over the year at 764.28 Lakh Hectares, according to the latest data from the Ministry ofAgriculture. Area under Pulses is up around 21% while acreage under Cereals is up 18%.
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China Crude Steel Output Suffers First...
China's iron and steel industry experienced continuous recession in spite of the nation's economy tending to be stabilized under a series of stimulus policies, according to the latest press release held by China Iron and Steel Association (CISA).CISA said that the output of crude steel dropped 1.3% year on year to 410 million tons in th...  
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Chinese Iron Ore Prices Show Signs of Bottoming Ou...
Chinese Iron ore prices are showing signs of bottoming out. The benchmark 62% Fe import price including freight and insurance at the Chinese port of Tianjin raced ahead $3.10 or 5.9% to $55.30 a tonne, capping three days of gains according to data provided by the SteelIndex. The latest Iron Ore prices has been inspired by a bounce back in...  
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